Friday, March 4, 2011

Thomas Savage and Frances Smith

Thomas and Frances were my 4th Great Grandparents.  Thomas was born on May 31, 1748 and baptized on June 12, 1748 at St. Dunstan, Stepney. 

Frances Smith was born in 1748 according to a search on the FamilySearch website, but I haven't independently verified this yet.  

Frances and Thomas were married at St. Dunstan, Stepney, on July 7, 1776. (I wonder what they knew about those rabble-rousers in the colonies?)

St. Dunstan, Stepney
Both Thomas and Frances had burial services at Christ Church, Spitalfields.  Frances was buried on March 26, 1799 and Thomas was buried on April 25, 1819.

Frances' Burial Record

Thomas' Burial Record

Christ Church, Spitalfields

I visited London way back in the late 1970's - long before I knew so much detail about where my Savages lived - rats!  Now I'll just have to plan a family history tour to England - waahooo!


  1. Rats?!! I suggest you look a bit deeper into your family History.I hope with that comment, you are in no way connected to my line, what a insulting thing to call them. I too am descended from The Savage family of Ulster. I am very Proud of my Ancestry

  2. Goodness me - I admire the tenacity and courage of my ancestors! They traveled from inner city 1850's London through New Orleans (where they buried a child) to the Salt Lake Valley. I am also descended from a long line of rabble-rousers who served in the Revolutionary War, in addition to Germans who sought religious freedom in the 1680's in Pennsylvania. My Savages were from Middlesex and not Ulster, so I don't think we are related.