Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ebenezer Savage and Emma Rebecca Littlefield

Ebenezer Savage was my great grandfather.  I’ve written a bit about him before, but I thought I would write a post with a few more details for the “record.”  

From the book, “Henry Savage and His Family,” by Josephine Savage Jones:

“My brother, Ebenezer, was born 18 May, 1857 at Little Cottonwood, and my mother was nursing him at this time. She and the baby nearly starved to death. But as their president had promised, they did survive. The memory of those days never left my mother's mind, nor the minds of her children that went through the famine. Ever after then when mother mixed and worked out her bread you could not see a dust of flour or a bit of the dough left on the table or mixing pan. She would never permit a bit of food to be burned or thrown away that a person or an animal could eat. In this regard, her children, who went through this ordeal with her, were in like manner frugal and saving.”

Ebenezer married Emily “Emma” Rebecca Littlefield on February 4, 1892, in Henrieville, Utah.  Emma was born on March 11, 1877 in Panguitch, Utah.  She was the daughter of David Orson Littlefield and Mary Louise Sylvia Riggs.

Emma was widowed when Ebenezer died on November 17, 1898.  On the 1900 census she is living in Henrieville with my grandfather, Nephi Waldo Savage.

Henrieville, Utah Cemetery 2009

Nearest cross streets to homestead site

When we visited Henrieville in 2009, we stopped in at the Senior Center to find out where the cemetery was - and we actually found folks there that knew our family!  One kind soul was even willing to get in our van (which was a mess from our long road trip) and show us where the old homestead used to be.  I took these photos. 

Site of family homestead 

Henrieville, Utah Community and Senior Center

On December 19, 1901, Emma married Alma Jensen.  On the 1910 census, she is living with her husband in Camas, Idaho with 4 children – Nephi Waldo Savage, Ellen, Nina and Emma L. Jensen.  Emma L. appears to be the child of Emma and Alma because she is 3 years old.

Emma Rebecca Littlefield died on May 27, 1924, in Hamer, Idaho.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Data Backup Day

No, it's not exciting, but losing all of my family history research would be, and not in a good way.  Not in a way like, hey, I'm so excited, I just won the lottery. Or I'm so excited for the vacation.  But in an anxiety-provoking, crying, throwing up (sorry to be so graphic) way. I recently lost all of the t.v. episodes I bought from iTunes and spent 3 days (yes 3) recovering them.  And yes, it was inconvenient and I was frustrated. I had to leave the computer on the whole time and endure the wrath of family members for slowing down internet browsing. Fortunately, iTunes has all these programs for me to re-download; I wouldn't have been so lucky if I lost my genealogy work.  Makes me think it is time to do a little cloud computing and keep a copy up in the sky....