Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day 2011 - David Earl Savage

As I worked on a Facebook post for my husband on Father's Day, I decided to take out my new FlipPal scanner and find some pictures of my dad.  He died in August 2001, and I only wish he could have spent more time with my son.  Ryan was 5 when my dad passed, but it was clear from the few years that they did have together that my dad got a kick out of my son.  Even at that young age, Ryan had a great sense of humor.  I wish I could say that it all came from my side of the family, but I am afraid my son gets it from both sides!

David Earl Savage as a young boy
One year we were down visiting my folks in Vancouver, Washington, and we went shopping at Nordstroms.  My parents loved to buy my son nice clothes.  Ryan picked up a Peter Rabbit stuffed animal and hugged it.  That was all it took - my dad said he had to have it.  "Petey" was really the only stuffed animal that Ryan loved.  Petey had to go everywhere with us.

High School Graduation Photo
Sometimes, when I look at my son, I see my dad staring back at me.  There is something about his mouth, particularly when he is grinning, that reminds me so much of my dad.

I know that Dad would be so proud of his grandson.  I'm sure he is smiling down on him from heaven.

Dad in military garb, circa 1950's

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  1. A wonderful tribute with great photos that highlight your dad in many phases of his life.