Monday, May 30, 2011

I Bet Sarah Power Could Open It!

On my other blog, GenerationsOfGermans, I posted a copy of an old ad for a Volkswagen.  It was unbelievably sexist, but definitely of its time - circa 1960's.  As I looked at the other ads, some of them really made me giggle (and some of them were downright horrifying!).  Here's one that made me laugh.

Oh, yes.  I bet my great, great grandmother, Sarah Power Savage, could not have opened the old style ketchup bottle.  She managed to give birth to 13 children, travel from England and set up house in Utah in the 1850's.  I'm sure that my grandma, Marion Beagles Savage, who raised 7 children, and buried one, couldn't have opened that old fashioned bottle.  Oh, those frail and weak females - they really needed a ketchup bottle that was easy to open!  Never mind giving birth in primitive conditions, without drugs or doctors.  Never mind cooking every single meal, when the food was sometimes hard to come by, without a proper oven.  And the laundry, don't even get me started about just keeping the clothes and kids clean. Yes, by golly, having an easy to open ketchup bottle was such an advance for womankind.  Imagine, someday a woman might be strong enough to be a firefighter or emotionally stable enough to be an astronaut.  LOL

Seriously, I was laughing when I saw the ad.  She looks so darn pleased with herself, with her pretty red lips and perfectly done hair.  

Remember ladies, "You've come a long way baby."  Oh, wait, that's ad an for ladies cigarettes.  Ugh!


  1. This made me laugh as well - and also remember some of the "frail" females in my family...I had a great-aunt who wasn't even 5 feet tall and I remember her slinging around a huge cast iron skillet with one hand. As a teenager when she asked ME to move it off the stove I had to use both hands! She could have DEFINITELY opened the old-style ketchup bottle.

    Thanks for a good laugh :-)

  2. This was very funny!! Women were so strong in more ways than one. I can't believe how much our ancestors went through!

    thank you for visiting my blog! I am friends with her already. We've been homeschooling blogging buddies for a while! I enjoyed your post and look forward to reading more!